Healthy School

Healthy School

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The BodyWalk presented by HealthMPowers

The Body Walk is a tool used to teach students about their body.  It is a walk through exhibit that talks about various body parts, organs, health enhancing behaviors and choices.  Students met the "Organ Wise Guys" at each station and as they were leaving the Body Walk each student received a workbook to use in the classroom or take home to help reinforce topics discussed.  

Sugar Hill Would like to thank all of our volunteers and HealthMPowers for coming out and helping to make The Body Walk an enjoyable learning experience for our students.  
For more information go to and The Organ Wise Guys.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Alliance for a Healthier Generation Bronze Award Winner

Coach Sudderth has been in Little Rock Arkansas to celebrate Sugar Hill's success in earning the Bronze level award from the Alliance for A Healthier Generation.  Sugar Hill has been working very hard the last couple of years on becoming a healthier school for our students.   

Coach Sudderth before the 5K began.
Our group of Georgia Wellness Champions.  
Our 8 representatives from Hall County Schools participating
in the Walk the Talk 5K at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Forum in Little Rock Arkansas.