Healthy School

Healthy School

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

School From Home

Happy Snow Day!!!

Today is a great day to try out some of those skills we have learned in PE class.  Get your coat and gloves on get out there and throw snow balls. 

Set up a target and see how many snowballs you can throw at your target. 
Which hand are you using? 
Are you stepping with the opposite foot of the hand you are throwing with? 
Can you hit your target 5 times in a row? 
Can you toss a snowball overhand?
Can you toss a snowball underhand? 
How far can you throw a snowball?  Make a starting point and measure how far your snowball went.
Have a bucket/tub?  Toss your snowballs into the buckets.  How many can you make?

Build those muscles by rolling that ball of snow on the ground and into a big ball of snow to make a snowman.   

Try out your locomotor movements in the snow.  Is it easier or harder to hop, jump, walk, run, and skip in the snow?  Try each movement for one minute and increase your heart rate.  

GPS PEK.1, PE1.1, PE2.1, PE 3.1, PE4.1, PE5.1

I walked one mile in the snow today and had a snowball fight with Evan!  Let me see your pictures of being active today.  Email me at with your active pictures.

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